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Our All Occasions Options

KANES Florists are available to take orders over the phone. Simply Call Us and a member of our team will take your payment via card. A quick and easy way to order beautiful flowers for any occasion.

All Occasions

KANES Florist provides flowers for all occasions. If you have a loved one’s birthday coming up, few gifts are more appropriate and well received than a bouquet of flowers.
We add the personal touch to all our bouquets by creating completely bespoke gifts that represent the relationship between the sender and recipient.
We work with the client in choosing just the right colour scheme and flowers.
We provide flowers for:

Get Well Bouquets
All Holiday Flowers
All Religious Ceremonies
Thank You Flowers
Congratulation Flowers

No matter what the occasion you can be assured that KANES Florist will create the perfect floral arrangement to mark the occasion.


For more information on our

service, call in store or get in contact with KANES Florist today.

Our All Occasion Flowers

Our team of florists are passionate about creating just the right floral arrangement to mark your special occasion. Our all occasion flowers are perfect as gifts, as decorative elements or as a memento to mark a special occasion.
For Debs, we create custom corsages, that are designed and colour coded to the wearer's dress. We also prove custom boutonniere’s that also incorporate colour schemes.
For christenings, we create beautiful decorative flowers that look great in photos along with creating centerpieces to decorate tables.
No matter how you want to mark your special occasion, you can be sure that KANES Florist will have the right flower solution for you.


For more information on our range of floral arrangements, get in contact with KANES Florist today - Free Delivery Dublin 7

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